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Microinvest provides a special solution for automation of billiards and snooker clubs. With the help of a special controller and an application to it, the products of Microinvest cover the processes of this activity. The whole system can work separately and also as a part of the Restaurant software of Microinvest.


Work Technology

Microinvest Billiards Pro includes, accounts and stops the power of different tables in the Billiard clubs. The program allows different modes of working and facilities for the clients. The following are examples for working with this product:

  • Prepaid games. Microinvest Billiards Pro turns on the lights of different tables for the preset time;
  • Mode of sum-meter. In this case Microinvest Billiards Pro turns on the lights of the tables and also automatically calculates the sum to be paid at the end of each game

The payment and the closure of the accounts can be done with the following operations:

  • Prepaid payment (cash or other type of payment)
  • Transfer of an opened account in a restaurant

Software Platform

Microinvest Billiards Pro is a software program and it is not a part of the installation package of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light. During the installation process a separate icon for work and management of billiard appears. The software platform uses the same technologies as the restaurant mode and actually looks like the work in a restaurant where instead of taking orders the lights of the billiards tables are switched on or off.

Hardware Platform

The hardware part of the realization of the project includes a separate controller for the management of 5 or 8 tables. The controller is a specialized module with a separate microprocessor and supporting electronics that works separately from the managing computer and communicates via an SOM port. The outer part of the device manages a certain number of power relays which start and stop the power of the lights of the billiards tables. In the future, controllers that work via USB and LAN interface and perform the same tasks will be programmed by Microinvest.

Emulators for the work of the controller

In Microinvest Billiards Pro the emulator of the hardware controller is included. With the help of this emulator, we can monitor the billiard tables even if there is no electric system installed. The emulator is actually an autonomous set of counters, which predicts and accounts for the work of the billiard tables. Although it is not as safe as the management of the lights, the emulator enables a budget solution of the automation of the billiards club to be incorporated.

Other Applications

The shown technology and controller for the management of the billiard can be used also for the following activities:

  • Automated accounting of the gaming machines;
  • Management of devices, where there is an hourly rate for the use of a certain service;
  • Other timers

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