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Microinvest eMenu Pro can work in different modes and adopt different roles. Although the product is just one, via detailed settings four different tasks could be automated and the clients and the owners can be fully satisfied. The roles depend on the location of the device and who works with it.


Active eMenu Pro

The active electronic menu is the main function of the product. In a restaurant or a café there is a device on every table. This way, the client can select and order food and beverages. The mobile device associates the pre-chosen table and in practice serves a system for a distant order without a waiter. The Device setup takes place only a single time when you install the software. You just choose a client and a table and in this way the system can determine where the order is made from. In the active electronic menu, the number of devices is equal to the number of tables and each of them works on its own in the system. The clients can make orders via an easy and intuitive interface. Microinvest eMenu Pro works as an improvement of a standard system and the orders can be processed from different stations in the network.

Passive eMenu Pro

The passive Microinvest eMenu Pro is analogous to the active Microinvest eMenu Pro but there is no opportunity for the orders to be made by the client. The device on the table just lets the client see the meals, check the price and see some additional information; yet, making an order is not allowed. This is the same as the hard copy of the menu but with an opportunity for a centralized and easy change in the parameters of certain products (price, group, name, picture, etc.) The passive Microinvest eMenu Pro is a very easy way for visualizing what the restaurant or the café offers. The advantage is that the client can see the amount of his order at any time before closing the bill.

Mobile Waiter

Mobile Waiter is a mode type of the active Microinvest eMenu Pro. In this case, the device is not connected to a particular table and is used by the water. When the waiter takes the order, the waiter chooses the table and the client and in this way Microinvest eMenu Pro plays the role of a mobile workplace. When this particular mode is used, the number of devices is equal to the number of the available waiters at a given moment.

Mobile Dealer

Mobile dealer is a mode type whereby the operator works remotely, but he still sends requests from clients to the main office. This case is similar to the case with the Mobile Waiter, but instead of restaurant orders, real requests from clients are added to the system. These requests turn into sales by the operators in the main office, without the physical presence of the mobile dealer. This is the perfect system for “home” sellers where the requests are sent directly from the place of the client.

Other Capabilities

The shown capabilities represent the most common application of the product. But there are some individual solutions for this product that are met in some cases. Because of that, our company can adapt the system individually for every client and implement the product in a different sphere.

Operating System

Microinvest eMenu Pro works via a browser. The system works perfectly with Windows, Linux, iOS and other operating systems. The supported devices are all models of iPad, iPhone, HTC tablets, etc.

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