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Microinvest Warehouse Pro contains powerful technology for wrapping management. It is based on operation “Consignment”, a special price rule and a set of individual wrapping documents.


Work sequence

System preparation requires a price rule. It has the following properties:

  1. The items and the wrapping should be placed in different groups, defined by the wrapping type;
  2. For a specified group of items at a specified quantity of the items, the system automatically generates a new operation “Consignment” ;
  3. This rule is applied to operation Sale and it is automatically activated.
  4. When running Sale by the stated items an automatic operation Consign with the wrapping quantity is created.
  5. The price (value) of the wrapping is a part of the price rule.

Wrapping Management Process

When a sale is filled all of the goods, which will be delivered to a retailer, should be selected. When an operation has been saved, due to the price rule, the quantity of the wrapping that is needed for the goods in the document is computed. The program opens an automatic operation Consignments which is completed with the relevant proportion of the wrapping. The created two operations are related as:

  • Sales of the goods, ordered by clients.
  • Consignment to the client for the wrapping materials, which can be returned to the trader.

In this way the wrapping is enlisted to the client, discharged from the warehouse but it is not sold. The client gains obligation because of the received wrapping. The liability could be seen in a report for items on consignment.
This procedure is automatic but it can be corrected before saving. Edition is possible in the cases when the client does not receive wrapping, uses their own or there are circumstance which changes the amount of the wrapping.
There is a document which combines the two operations (sales of goods and giving wrapping on consignation) in one printable paper.

Return of the Wrapping

When a client returns the wrapping, an operation called “Return on Consignment” is executed. The client’s obligation reduces. The relevant document is printed.

Lost, demolished or replaced wrapping

In case the client`s wrapping has been lost, damaged or is missing, an operation called “Sales on Consignment” is executed. The client`s obligation is reduced but a sale of the wrapping is carried by/on the price enlisted in the system. In this way the client pays for the supplied wrapping.

Other features

Establishing of the technology has the following features:

  1. The price rule is based on formulas, which is impossible to be created via the standard interface. It is usually carried out by a service specialist.
  2. On user’s request documents can be substituted in a form, convenient for delivery and transmission actions.
  3. When the wrapping is introduced prices of the new elements are included in the price rule. That ensures valuation in case of damaged or lost wrapping.

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