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Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light can be used for simultaneous work with two separate monitors. Typically, the first monitor serves for entering of sales and is used by the cashier. The second monitor is directed at the client, as it displays the sale in the form of a virtual bill and shows advertisements.



The enabling of a second monitor to the retail system facilitates the better presentation of the products and services offered. Along with this, the second monitor substitutes the customer display and enables video playing and other advertisement opportunities, which can be directed to the clients.
There exist numerous POS systems, where the second monitor is placed in a package with the main block of the system and is an indivisible part of its. In this case, the system is fully ready for work with two monitors.

Setup of the System

The setup of the second monitor consists of two parts:

  1. Setup of the operation system;
  2. Setup of the program.

The setup of the system requires the work with two monitors to be enabled, as the second monitor represents an extension of the desktop (Extended Desktop regime). Thus, both monitors can display different content and can be managed separately.

Necessary Hardware

There are no special requirements as to the hardware used. It is necessary that the video card supports two monitors and that the relevant driver of the operation system can manage them separately.

Screen Resolution

When working with two monitors, the screen resolution has no impact. Nevertheless, it is recommended that the following optimal screen resolution parameter be used:

  1. Main monitor –1023x768 or higher resolution. This is the optimal resolution for maximal use of the functions of the program by the cashiers;
  2. Second monitor – 800x600 resolution. Although modern video cards support a higher resolution, the 800x600 is the most appropriate choice, since the fonts of the check (bill) are big enough and clearly readable for the clients.

Other Features

There are several specific features, which should be taken into account when setting up and implementing such a system:

  • After switching the “Work with two monitors” setting, is recommendable to restart the program;
  • Almost all modern video cards support working with two monitors. The type of video card or monitors does not matter;
  • In Windows 7, the switching to Extended Desktop regime can be done by pressing the Win-P buttons.
  • When using a DVI port, it is possible that a transmitter from DVI to VGA might be needed;
  • The work with two monitors and the playing of video is related to higher workload of the core processor. It is important that the correct codec for playing the videos is set up;
  • The already described functionality can work in both regimes of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light - Retail and Restaurant.

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