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Microinvest recommends the installation, updating and configuring of the programs to be performed according to a predefined schedule. This way, a number of potentially occurring problems can be foreseen and eliminated, making the process more efficient and more precise. At the same time, the potential hardship with end users, which may arise due to a lack of communication or unacquaintedness with a certain problem, is also eliminated.



In most cases, the installation and updating of a product can be planned ahead of time. Through the creation of an appropriate schedule, the work process can be accelerated and potential inconvenience for the end-users can be avoided.

Main Problems

The main problems, which occur when installing a Microinvest product, include:

  • Inability for receiving a registration code;
  • Problems with the conversion of databases;
  • Incomplete number of instruments or programs for installation.

In order for the above-mentioned problems not to occur, Microinvest recommends that the updating is done in schedule. With this schedule, the following can be determined:

  • Days which are appropriate for updating the system;
  • Weekdays which we should avoid;
  • Time slots for working with the support engineers.

Appropriate Days

Practice shows that the days from Monday to Thursday are very convenient for performing all procedures for installation and updating of the products. During these days, a connection with the specialists who created the system can be easily established and their competence can be used for finding the solution of a given problem. It is recommended that all changes are done in the beginning of the day, in the time between 10:00 and 12:00 a.m. This way, even if a problem occurs, there is enough time for reaction and restoration of the normal work regime.

Weekdays, Which Should Be Avoided

Microinvest does not recommend the performing of an update on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Often, a situation occurs when the program requires a code for updating or another procedure, but on weekends or holidays there is no specialist on duty who has access to the registration system. If such a situation takes place, the work in the workstation stops until the necessary code number is provided. This perturbs the normal work of clients and triggers their discontent.

Other Specific Features

The secure connection with Microinvest support specialists is a guarantee for success and high-quality servicing of customers. Although many processes do not require constant supervision from an engineer, situations, when competent help is of vital importance, often occur. Therefore, Microinvest recommend updating, installation of new versions, transferring of databases and other service operations to be performed during work time, when there will be qualified specialists at the clients’ disposal.

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