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All Microinvest products work with all contemporary versions of Windows and follow the global tendency of rapid development in the field of software engineering. Several main rules for ensuring the smooth work of the systems should be outlined. One of the most important rules for ensuring flawless functioning of the program products is the timely updating of the operation system and duly installation of all published updates.


Advantages of Updating

Microinvest carefully tracks the changes which are being incorporated in the operation systems. With the passage of time, new functionalities added, certain problems are resolved, information backup is generated and the stability and sustainability of the computer system is improved. On the overall, the core advantage of timely updating is the ability to benefit from the maximum efficiency that the product can offer.

Rules and Guidelines

The rules and guidelines for performing an update of an operation system can be summarized to include the following cornerstones:

  • Immediate actualizing when an update is issued.
  • Observation of the rules and principles for installing updates.
  • Selection of all issued innovations and usage of the most recent versions of all products installed.

These rules and guidelines are simple and easy to follow. They ensure a coherent and optimized work with the products and eliminate any hardship in installing and using the software.

Automatic Updates

The most optimal and efficient work is achieved then using an automatic updating of the operation system. Through the Windows- incorporated mechanisms, all updates published on the website of Microsoft are checked and installed. This process is invisible for the user and no additional hardship occurs. Recommendations: Microinvest recommends the following practices:

  • Enable automatic updating from Windows Update;
  • Update the operation system whenever possible; do not postpone this process;
  • Regularly check for new releases on the websites of Microinvest and Microsoft and follow the necessary installation instructions.


An example for the advantages of the timely updating of the operation system is the maintenance of barcode scanners. In Windows versions older than SP3, part of the USB scanners were not recognized by the system. After updating to Windows XP SP3, these devices now work without any problems and eliminate the need of installing external drivers.

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