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Microinvest Warehouse Pro provides precise control of the system operations. The built-in programs allow to track each operation and to control an operator`s actions. For every document and nomenclature exists a hidden field in the database which indicates who is the operator who created or changed the nomenclature.


Documents and nomenclatures – general conditions

The documents and the nomenclatures are stored in certain tables of the database. Each table contains hidden fields, which are automatically filled with the data of the active system operator. Notice that the active operator is the one who has logged in the system with their username and password. In that way if a document is submitted, despite the content of the field “Username”, the active password at the current moment is stored with it, as well. That eliminates the possibility that a client secretly submits a document from someone else`s username. Same thing goes to nomenclatures. Along with each nomenclature the name of the operator, the exact time and date are also saved.

Date of creation of the document and date of the document

The date of the document can be fixed to a random moment in time and it is liable to changes from the user. The date of creation of the document is determined by the central system server and always points to the exact moment of the creation of the document. In that way an operator can enter the date of the document in a past time, e.g. 01.01.2010, but the system determines the date of creation in real time. This way the document has 2 dates – date of the document and date of creation of the document. The first one is included in all references and identifies the document. The second one is for internal usage only and shows who and when had put down the operation. The second date ensures control of operations, access rights and actions of every operator.

Features of the date of the document

Microinvest Warehouse Pro allows many modifications to be made to a single document. In this case only the last date of editing the document is saved, as previous data is overlapped by the last changing. For example:

  1. A document has been created on 01.07.2012;
  2. The same document has been edited on 15.09.2012;
  3. Another change in the document occurs on 30.10.2012.

After that chain of actions, the date of modification of the document will be 30.10.2012 and no previous dates will be stored.


When working with several operators it is recommended to use complicated passwords or access cards. Thereby the possibility for an operator to edit a document on someone else`s behalf could be avoided and responsibility can be established for an execution of a particular function.
The date of the documents is fixed by the SQL server devices. Therefore that computer should be up to date and no external intervention should be allowed. This guarantees that the entering of each element in the system is correctly dated.
In Access database the date is determined by a local computer and a tracking is not reliable for the data and time of a local computer could be easily changed.

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