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Both modes of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light (Retail and Restaurant) allow the use of a web camera for instant video surveillance of a certain location. This function is analogous to the transmission of an image as in product for messaging exchange without recording the video stream. The video itself is in real time which prohibits reviewing later.


Purpose of the Web camera in Warehouse Pro Light Retail

In many stores there are mirrors which allow the cashier to observe the whole store. That is precisely what the web camera is doing in Retail mode. To differ from a mirror it provides the possibility for surveillance over the store counters that could not otherwise be observed directly from the cashier. With only one click of a button view of the distant and unseen corner of the store appears. In that way the mirror is replaced by a present-day electronic technology.

Purpose of the Web camera in Warehouse Pro Light Restaurant

There are restaurants with several halls, gardens and floors. Installing the Web camera ensures a complete overview over the current situation with no need for any of the waiters to even move. The Web camera is pointed to another room and with only one click of a button the state of the tables and clients could be seen. The same way the appearance of a new customer in the hall or at another floor could be noticed.
The Web camera could be placed at the exit of the kitchen which would allow the waiters to find out when their orders are ready and not to go and check in vain.

Use of the Web camera

There are no peculiarities in using the Web camera for remote surveillance. Pressing the specialized button opens a new window with the Web camera`s image. Neither recording, nor processing of the image is being done – everything is being transmitted by the means of the Web camera in real time. After closing the window the whole system works in standard mode. Viewing the video image by no means overloads or slows down the system. This is a separate part of the software, it is not connected to the central database or any other remote working place.

Insignificant investment

The investment needed for installing, maintenance and usage of a Web camera is negligible. Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light uses a standard Windows driver and thus does not require the presence of heavy additional software. Every camera working with a Windows driver is suitable, regardless of the type, resolution, manufacturer and technology. It is enough for the camera to be turned on (usually through an USB port) and for its driver to be installed. That is all the camera requires in order to be up and running.

Web camera settings

Setting up the Web camera is due to its driver. From there the parameters of the camera, the video size and even the positioning of the image on the screen could be regulated. By adjusting the driver (usually in Control Panel on Windows) several settings can be managed – brightness, contrast, lighting, white balance and other standard parameters.
Some drivers enable image sharing, which on the other hand allows the operator behind Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light to observe the Images from a several cameras at the same time. All this is being adjusted only by the operating system`s drivers and has no effect over the efficiency or the functions of the retail system.

IP cameras

The maintenance of an IP camera is no different than the technology of setting up a standard Web camera. All there are needed are a relevant Windows driver and a working device which supports the current version of the operating system. Thus Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light uses standard Windows driver, the program is not concerned by the type of the connection and communicates through the installed driver.

Image in real time

The current technology doesn’t represent technology video surveillance with information recording. All images are available in real time, without any processing or recording the video information. So it is well to be acknowledged that the images are instant and there is no opportunity for them to be viewed at another moment.

Psychological effect

In practice the presence of a surveillance system contributes to the discipline in a trade facility and it has a respecting effect over the clients. As visitors are not aware of the system`s way of working, they are particularly cautious towards any technology of remote surveillance and control. As a whole the presence of a Web camera boosts this effect and favors the premises that use one.

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