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The products of Microinvest follow a strict scheme for enumerating of versions. Through this scheme, the type of the version, whether it requires a licence key and the presence of updates or changes, can be determined.


Common principle for the numbering of versions of Microinvest products

The standard coding of versions of Microinvest products consists of 3 groups of digits. An example for such is the 3.07.035 version from December 31, 2012:

  1. The first digit means the generation of a given product, for example 3rd generation. This digit cannot be changed during the lifetime of a certain product;
  2. The second group of 2 digits serves as an identifier of the database structure. In the given example, the database is version 07. This enables all products having a database version 07 to work together. This way, versions 3.07.029 and 3.97.035 can work together, yet 3.06.022 is incompatible and cannot work with this database;
  3. The third group of 3 digits determines the serial number of the official version. This way we can find out that, in the transition from version .07.034 to version 3.07.035 a number of new features and functions have been added and a new stage of the development of the product has passed.

In brief, the quotation is A.BB.CCC, where:

  • A is the generation of the product
  • BB is the version of the database
  • CCC is the serial number of the updated version

Versions Date and Corrections

Sometimes, a version with certain working corrections and changes is released. Such versions are called fix and have the same number as the main version of the product. The only difference is in the date of the versions. Thus, version 3.07.035 from January 15 2012 is the main version, and version 3.07.035 from January 22 2012 is the fix version. The fixes do not contain functional changes; rather, they have minor changes, for example some translated terms have been corrected or another minor product problem has been removed.

License Codes

The working scheme with update codes is very simple: Each new version requires the entering of an update code. This way, the transition from 3.07.034 to 3.07.035 requires a code. Installing a fix does not require an actualization code if there had existed a version with the same number before that. This way, the transition from 3.07.034 to 3.07.035 does not require a code.

Installation of a Fix

The installation of a standard version is in alignment with the standard installation conditions. When installing a fix, there is the following additional feature: the fix version has the same number as the standard version; therefore, it is necessary for the standard version to be uninstalled first and then the fix version to be installed. Such action is required because the operation system itself checks the versions and finds out that they are identical, but without checking the dates. Consequently, a message “Version already installed” appears. This is the reason why when installing the fix version, the previous version with the same number should be uninstalled.

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