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The verification of the registration is an important step in the implementation of the software product. With a few simple operations, anyone can verify the registration of the product, the number of the copy and the relevant license.


How to check the registration?

There is an easy way to verify the registration of products. Through the menu Help / About the program (or the corresponding analogue in other programs), each user can check the registration of their individual copies. Depending on the activated registration, there are two possible messages:

  • Copy registered with number 123 456;
  • This copy is not licensed.

This information is quite sufficient to establish the status of registration.

How not to check the registration?

It is wrong to verify the registration by the Register or Licensing menu. The system is organized in a way that in the Licensing window the serial number for registration always appears. So it is impossible to identify the status of registration through this dialog. A serial number always appears (in both registered and unregistered products) because it is a way of entering a code for updating, changing the active server or transferring the registration.

Tips for Verification

To ensure the stable operation of the products, it is recommended to perform the following sequence:

  1. The licensing of the product needs to be checked. If it is necessary, enter the appropriate registration number;
  2. Restarting of the program needs to be done. The aim is to verify whether this number is accepted by the system. Verification is done by menu Help / About;
  3. Second restarting of the program needs to be done. The aim is to verify whether the number is recorded in the system and whether an update is needed. Verification is done by menu Help / About;

This procedure ensures the smooth operation of the system.

Other Information

For licensing and updating, it is recommended to follow these rules:

  1. In a functioning system it is important to meet all the rules so that there is no surprise which might suspend the operation of an active object;
  2. Codes can be entered at working time, whenever there is a support system provided;
  3. Implementing of at least one full restart of the system in order to ensure that during the next system startup everything will work as planned;
  4. Mixed licensing is not recommended (i.e. one part of the products to be with a hardware key and another one – with a software registration).

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