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The products of Microinvest are classified as universal software solutions for mass usage. Due to that reason there are many specifics in selling, installing, maintaining and advertising of this software. The good knowledge of the technology for selling such software is a guarantee for its successful implementation and business realization.



The universal software has many benefits compared to the custom solutions:

  1. The products are much cheaper, because once created they are sold to many clients. The profit from selling 10 working places from an expensive program product with a price of EUR 5000 is the same as selling 500 working places with a price of EUR 100 for each of them;
  2. The products are from a high quality because a large number of clients are working on them and each error that appears can be easily caught and immediately removed.
  3. The solutions are universal and cover 95% of the requirements of the clients without any changes in the product. The installation and the training are easy and very effective;
  4. The versions are coming consequently and are fully compatible with each other.

Technology of implementation

The implementation process when we are talking about universal software for mass usage, is much easier and faster and in this way the functions are easily adopted to the requirements of the clients. There are no necessity of complicated settings, creation of an additional modules and other programming processes.The technology for the implementation is totally easy and is available for each specialist with knowledge mainly in the computer technology.


When we talk about massive software we rely on a group of many clients with the same technology of work. During the implementation we implement a uniform technology and we rely on a unification of the processes by using examples of other companies. It is very important to hold trainings for the employees to work with the product.

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