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Microinvest provides standard technologies for installing and uninstalling the products and all requirements of Microsoft for compatible Windows applications are met. Uninstalling Microsoft Warehouse Pro is simplified and easy. After removing the programs, the license remains, which means that the process of uninstalling does not change the status of licensing. This allows the programs to be in the same mode during an eventual installing or uninstalling.


How to Uninstall

Uninstalling of Microinvest Warehouse Pro is done by the Start menu/ Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs. The relevant Microinvest product is chosen from the window with the installed programs and the “Remove” button is pressed. A warning follows and if you accept it, the program will be uninstalled. The process is the same for Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Special Features

Installing and uninstalling require the presence of an admin password. If you do not have the relevant right to access there is a probability that you will not be able to carry out the process. In part of the systems it is possible the process to be seemingly executed, but in fact not all of the files to be copied. That is why it is mandatory that admin access rights be provided to the installing program.

Saved Data

When uninstalling the products the individual configurations of the system are saved. Same is with the database as well as all of the additional references and export files.

Additional Components

When installing the products it is possible for external components to be added, such as Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, Crystal Reports, Windows Installer, etc. These cannot be removed because they can serve other computer applications, unrelated to Microinvest. If you want to delete them, it is required that you remove them one by one, but make sure there are no other programs that will stop working.

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