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In the real business there are different types of payments. The products of Microinvest could follow and manage all types of payments, offering high quality inquires and technology for balancing partners’ obligations.


Types of Payment

When new database is developed in Microinvest Warehouse Pro, four main types of payment are defined:

  1. Cash payment
  2. Transfer order payment
  3. Payment with card
  4. Payment with other type of payment tool (coupon, voucher or check).

Every client could add new type of payment, choosing its name and association with some of the main types of payments.

Adding a Payment

When new type of payment is added, its type and name are filled in. As an example of new types of payments could appeared different kinds of debit or credit cards from the following list:

  1. Payment with Visa credit card. The type of payment is “Payment with card”.
  2. Payment with Master card. The type of payment is “Payment with card”.
  3. Payment with American Express credit card. The type of payment is “Payment with card”.
  4. Payment with Gift check. The type of payment is “Payment with other payment tool”.

The inquiries could be grouped and generalized according to their type or detailed break amount. In this way, all payments with card or specific payment with specific type of card could be followed. The same rule is applicable for the cash payments, transfer order payments or others.


When new type of payment is created in Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light, new buttons appeared. If the name of the payment is recognized, on the button appears its sign. Payments which are recognized:

  1. Visa
  2. Master Card
  3. JCB
  4. American Express
  5. Transcard

In the other products, the new payments appeared in the form of separate lines in the window for payment. When data are sent to fiscal device, only the primary types of payments are presented, i.e. all cards are summed up as well as all bank transfers.

Exceptional Flexibility

Microinvest Warehouse Pro permits the combining of several types of payment. One operation could be paid in cash, through transfer or with card. In this way, there is one end balance and immediately could be seen if there are any financial obligations concerning the document or if everything is paid. Among the possibilities of the program is the edit of the payment. At any time, the type and the amount of payment could be changed. The protection of unauthorized actions is organized through the “Permissions” module. Through different types of payments separate collection of money could be organized. For example, the new payments could be defined as follows:

  1. Cash payment on Pay – desk 1.
  2. Cash payment on Pay – desk 2.
  3. Cash payment on Pay – desk 3.

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