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There exists a technology for organizing two retail locations in one common database, with full separation of the documents and operation. Each location works with its own range of document numbers and supports its own warehouse availability. As an example for such organization of activities, we will examine a centralized warehouse with two shops.


Main Points

It is recommendable that the work is performed through an SQL server, MSDE, MySQL or MS SQL. While working with an Access database, it is likely that the system suffers an overload and a respective slowdown in recording the operations. Furthermore, when working with an SQL server, there is low data traffic through the network, which allows stable work through a Wi-Fi connection.

Defining the Warehouses

It is recommended that the following locations be defined:

  • Central Warehouse. There, the stock purchases and a following allocation of the goods to the shops will follow. The very allocation is done through the Transfer operation;
  • Shop 1;
  • Shop 2.

With part of the systems, the central warehouse and shop 1 can be united in one object, and the respective shop also plays the role of a central warehouse.

Enumeration according to Locations

The inclusion of enumeration according to locations enables the separation of the documents according to numbers. Through this setting, a custom range of the numbers of each location is achieved, as they work independently from one another. The recommended enumeration of the locations is:

  • Central Warehouse, initial document number 1 000 000;
  • Shop 1, initial document number 2 000 000;
  • Shop 2, initial document number 3 000 000.

The listed digits are an example, and the difference of 1 000 000 documents between them guaranteed a broad enough scope of operations before it is necessary to create a new document range. The enumeration is enabled once and is not change during the work process. The shops get the highest numbers of the documents, in order for them to have the ability to issue a growing number of the documents.

Locking the Operators according to Locations

Microinvest Warehouse Pro allows each operator to be locked to a certain location. Thus, he can perform operations, reports and edits in this location only. It is recommended that all operators are tied to the respective location, which they work in. This protects the system from accidental mistakes. Likewise, the managers of the locations can work in all locations and thus to manage the whole chain.

Other Settings

After the settings in Microinvest Warehouse Pro have been made, it is necessary to set up correct access rights to users. The setup of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light is done individually, as each workstation is associated with a location. Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light automatically follows the enumeration of the locations, which are set up in the Back Office program.

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