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There are several methods for working with two or more organizations in one database. In relation to the purpose, a number of different work ways are applicable. The right choice of technology is very important because it defines the working process of the program and the obtained results.


Principles of Separation

When two organizations exist in one and the same database, there are two main methods to separate the information:

  1. Separation according to the groups of products. This method is used when the two organizations sell different products.
  2. Separation according to the outlets. This methods is used when the organizations sell one and the same products but one of the organization sells its products on a retail basis while the other on wholesale.

The choice of the methods depends on the necessary reports and the desired result.

Separation according to the products

The separation into groups during the work with two organizations is based on the separation of the products. One of the groups contains the products of the first organization while the other group includes the products of the second organization. The groups could contain unlimited number of products. The reports are made in relation to the particular group. In this way, separation of the operations is achieved.

Separation of the outlets

The separation according to outlets allows one and the same products to be sold of different organizations. The main principle of work is based on the availability of the products in the organizations. The program product allows separate availability of the products in relation to the outlets respectively for the two organizations. The separation of the reports is based on the base of the different outlets.

Work with LTD and at the same time ST

The recommended technology when you work with LTD and ST at the same time is the separation in accordance to the outlets. In this case the following principles of work are used:

  1. The delivered quantity of the products is purchased in one of the outlets. There, the real availability of the products is traced.
  2. In the other outlet the products are not purchased, the work is one negative quantity bases.
  3. In the end of the day a grouped report of the sells in the different objects is activated. With transformation from report to operation transfer, the daily sells are transferred from one outlet to another.

With this technology, there is full tracing of the information, what sales are made in the different outlets as well as the quantity of the products in the two organizations.

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