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Microinvest's products allow full-scale demo operation. In this case, each partner or customer can reproduce random real-world situations in their business and check the products in practice without any pre-payment. The technology called Try & Buy is built to the benefit of the customer and ensures the full satisfaction of customer needs even before the actual purchase of the products. An optimal product testing system can be downloaded here.


Products self-study

Affordable and quality software allows self-study of the products. Customers can download a version from the Microinvest site, install it on their computer, and perform all of their standard operations. This does not require special engineering skills and the version can be installed by a computer user with medium skills and understanding of the processes. The products do not require any license codes and are ready for testing. The version is working but is demonstrative until a license key is introduced.

Demo versions advantages

Modern business is based on sophisticated technologies and processes. One of the most important verifications is the compatibility between expected and actual results. Therefore, a manufacturer like Microinvest allows free testing of its products. Demo versioning gives customers the ability to verify the capabilities of software products, to simulate real working conditions and to check the compliance of processes. Versions contain a help system for the user and all documents in it. This allows a real check of the input parameters and source documents in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the respective country.

Main steps to study the product

After installing the products, it's a good idea to follow these steps:

  1. Complete the installation of software products;
  2. Entering nomenclatures in the database through Microinvest Warehouse Pro;
  3. Add real fiscal devices and kitchen printers in the Microinvest Storage Pro Light settings;
  4. Perform one or more operations in Microinvest Warehouse Pro. It is recommended to introduce at least one Supply;
  5. Perform multiple control sales through Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light;
  6. Print documents for each operation;
  7. View and analyze reports and compare documents and operations.

The current 7 steps can be accomplished very quickly. This allows full coverage of processes and analysis of the results achieved.

Extending the demo version period

The period of using demo versions cannot be extended by reinstalling or re-downloading them from the site. Therefore, customers need to be aware that testing time is total and the system cannot be "cheated". At the same time, when installing a particular version, it cannot be updated for free. This means that the demo version is as it is and works exactly in this mode. Microinvest, together with certain partners, can update the demo version, but in principle these are exceptions to the actual deployment process.

Converting demos to full versions

In Microinvest products there is no difference between the demo version and the full version. All versions are full, they contain the whole set of features. They only differ in terms of time:

  • Demo versions run for up to 60 days without a license;
  • Full versions work indefinitely because they include a license.

Switching from demonstration to real mode is done by registering the product. This way, the USB Flash Drive or the registration number removes the program time limit. All data saved!

Only accessible by powerful manufacturers

The option to test a product before purchasing is only available from powerful manufacturers who are confident about the quality of their products. Microinvest respects its customers and strives to provide the highest quality and convenient products. This is where testing software (Try & Buy) comes from. Thus, Microinvest allows everything to be verified because there are situations where one client's technology does not correspond to the views and capabilities of another customer at all. As a counterpoint to the current capabilities, there are many manufacturers without demo versions. Customers cannot check the capabilities of the software in practice and buy "cat-in-the-bag". This is a policy of companies that strongly advertise and rely only on positions, not on product quality. It is in this case that the client can be misled. That's why Microinvest allows real testing without pay!

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