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There are many tricks and tips that could make the work of the operators easier and can make the experience with Microinvest software products very pleasant. The use of these functions improves the activity and optimizes the time for entering the operations.


Interesting and useful

There are many functions that make the work easier. This is a short guideline how to use them:

  1. In the field “Quantity”and “Price” you can add a plain formula. If we add 12*34 in the field, the program will calculate the expression and will set the value of 408. This function facilitates the routine calculations. For example, a price of 123.45 with 3% discount can be added as 123.45*0.97;
  2. In windows with nomenclatures you can use “drag” of the elements of the nomenclature between different groups. In this way, the chosen elements can be added very fast and easy into the wanted group;
  3. In the tables (nomenclatures, references, and no operations), it is possible to mark the elements simultaneously. While you are holding the keys Shift and Ctrl, you can choose many items (partners, locations and users) with the help of the mouse. In this way it is possible to execute the operation on all of them, without a necessity for an individual choice;
  4. In most of the tables it is possible to change the sorting. It is enough to click on the corresponding header and the table is sorted according to this field. This function is the most effective one in the nomenclatures and the references, because it allows the individual arrangement of the data in the table. Double clicking on the table turns the sorting from upward to downward;
  5. Revaluation of Microinvest Warehouse Pro can be done on the availability in the warehouse or on the opened operation. The window for Revaluation has a different behavior depending on whether the operation in the program is opened or not. In the first case only the items that are added with an operation are processed (the window with an operation was active in the moment of calling a Revaluation).

Condition of the windows

Windows of Microinvest Warehouse Pro remember its location and size. Use this function to make the most necessary location of the windows on your screen and to arrange the data in a most suitable way for you. The advantage of this technology is that it is individual for all the users. If one user has arranged the windows in an individual scheme, this does not rearrange the layout of the other user in the system.

Setup of the users

Microinvest Warehouse Pro and Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light allow a setup of the users. In this way it is possible to set up a particular user to meet his needs, while other users have some limits. Unlike the rights for access, the settings could be on different levels (for a user, for database, and for a program).

Several References at once

Microinvest Warehouse Pro allows a current reference to be turned to a standard window. Via the panel for management of the references it is possible to turn the reference into a window. In this way you can activate several references simultaneously and compare them. If the windows are arranged next to each other, then the operator sees several references simultaneously. The function is very useful, when you look at references that cannot be reconciled and cannot come apart.

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