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Microinvest Warehouse Pro supports a function for Total production. It aims at producing all recipes in stock, which have negative quantities, without having to perform individual Production operations. This allows for the Automatic Production to be turned off and products, which have recipes but not enough available quantity, to be sold.



The Total Production can only be used when special settings have been made:

  • Work method: Average Price or Last Purchase Price;
  • Work with negative quantity: Enabled
  • Auto production: Disabled

Shortcut keys: Ctrl+G; Location: Edit/Administration/Total Production

Work Sequence

The Total Production function works in the following way:

  • The program checks whether there are goods with entered recipes, which have negative quantities.
  • Production of the needed number of all recipes, necessary for the quantity to become equal to “zero” for all created objects or workstations, is activated.
  • Operations in the database are automatically generated and those can be traced from Reports/Production/Production;

In case the produced recipes have inputted recipes (from which the quantity for producing the main recipe is not enough), then they will be produced as well.

Other Parameters of the Operation

When activating the function, after the message for confirmation of the Total Production, a Calendar window pop out, from which the date to which the Production should be recorded. This way, the delivery prices of all sold recipes, made after this date, are recalculated. It is possible for the production to be performed with present or past date.

Specific Features

The Total Production function refers only to the standard production; it does not, in any way, affect the Complex Production. Only standard recipes are performed.

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