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In order for a system to work and function properly, it is necessary that it is kept in a healthy condition and regular maintenance on behalf of specialists is performed.


Hardware-software Interaction

The computer system consists of hardware and software. In order for the whole system to work flawlessly, it is required that each of its components functions properly. This is a comprehensive task, which consists of two parts:

  • Maintenance of the hardware and its specifications;
  • Maintenance of the software in the necessary work regime.

Only when these two requirements are met can stable functioning of the whole system be achieved. A problem in a given system branch can put the whole system under risk.

What Specialists are Required?

It is important that the specialists who support and maintain the system, to be sufficiently qualified. This determines to what extent their actions will rightly address a given issue. It is always good for the specialists to have knowledge about the products of Microinvest and to know the behavior of the programs in detail. The presence of knowledge in the field of SQL Servers is an advantage. Specialized computer-related education is preferable to general computer knowledge. Specialists, who study the system for the first time during the end-customer implementation, are usually unpredictable. Their actions can cause harm to the whole system. Such situations should not be allowed to happen, as in most cases such “specialists” translate their erroneous approach to the program product itself and unjustifiably put the blame on the product

How often should technical maintenance be performed?

It is recommendable that technical maintenance be done at least once per month. This ensures optimal functioning of the computer system and prompt diagnostics of any potentially occurring problems. One month is an optimum time period for performing a certain series of actions, for example deleting a period from the database or checking the free space of the disc. This is also the minimum time period for updating the antivirus software on the system.

Recommended Action

The technical maintenance of the system encompasses two main directions:

  • Technical maintenance of the hardware itself. An example of such is cleaning of the ventilation system, inspection of the cables, cleaning of the mouse, keyboard, barcode scanner or other peripheral devices.
  • Optimization of the operation system – deletion of temporary files, ensuring more free disc space, optimization of the database, reallocation of fragmented files, etc.

The concrete steps are determined by a specialist; therefore, his/her qualification is of paramount importance.

Database Optimization

The database represents the heart of a system. In light of this, its technical maintenance is crucial for the stability and agility of the system. The optimization of the database can be done by following several practices:

  • Deleting of unnecessary data through deletion of a period;
  • Reducing of the workload through packaging of a period;
  • Internal optimization and reallocation of the database by means of the SQL servers.

Each one of these actions should be performed by a highly qualified specialist. If there is not appropriate knowledge and an error is done, such actions can cause severe harm to the data.

Other Specific Features

It is important that the technical maintenance eliminates all potential problems. Therefore, it is handy to analyze potential log files from the Microinvest software, log files from the SQL server and the operation system and all discrepancies described to be eliminated. One perfectly functioning system does not have existent log files with errors. Letting the system malfunction is a compromise that can cause way more than the effort invested for technical maintenance.

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