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When performing a product installation and implementation, selecting the type of database is of huge importance. Although sometimes the initial choice of a certain database turns out not to be appropriate and a switch to another database type is necessary. Microinvest offers a powerful tool for converting the database, which allows the data from one type of base to be easily transferred to another type of database without hindering the performance of the program.


Database Types

The products of Microinvest support a variety of database types of databases, from the default and most easy to install, Access, to complex replication servers. Microinvest supports a unified internal structure of data, which allows an easy “migration” of data from one database to another. The functionalities of the product are preserved, only the work speed and the features for remote access are affected (most SQL Servers allow working through the Internet).

Working Mechanism

The process of conversion of data includes the following stages:

  • Selection of database source. It should be accessible and can be opened by Microinvest Warehouse Pro without problems;
  • Creation of an empty receiver-base in the respective SQL server;
  • Starting of the DBConvert application, which performs the process of transferring the data from one base to another;
  • Opening of the receiver database and performing of basic reports in order to check whether the data has been transferred correctly.

Specific Features

There are several important features when converting the data. Their strict following is essential for the successful transfer of data and proper work of the system. The points, which have to be observed and followed:

  • The receiver database should be empty;
  • The original database and the receiver database must be one the same version;
  • If Microinvest Nutrition Calculator, then this program should have been started both with the original database and the receiver database, because it modifies the internal structure;
  • The transfer of data can take a lot of time. It is important that the whole process be patiently waited for and observed;
  • In the data which is transferred, there should not be any forbidden symbols, which can impede the work of the SQL servers;


The DBConvert servicing product is intended for technical partners and is not supposed to be used by end-customers. DBConvert works with all types of databases, and allows conversion from a random database (Access, MSDE, MySQL, MS SQL) to another base (the same list: Access, MSDE, MySQL, MS SQL). Although rare, it is the case with some clients that they face a necessity to switch from SQL Server to Access.

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