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The technology development allows the usage of new marketing tools. Microinvest has an advanced customer survey system that allows You to add a survey when paying a restaurant bill. This does not require additional investments or costly equipment, a modern kitchen printer and a customization of the standard software product is enough.

Idea and implementation Through the Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light script system for creation and management of cheques, an individual customer survey is formed. Thus, when printing a pre-cheque or a fiscal check, each customer receives an additional individual survey. This allows them to rate their impression of the restaurant and to express opinion on the service.

Technology basis The technology is based on creating an additional document on an existing printer. The settings are below: 1. Add a new template to the system. Depending on the owner's requirements, the content of the survey is modified in the template; 2. Add a new printer to the system setup. This may be a dedicated for the purpose printer or an existing one; 3. Attach the template to the printer. It’s good if this is done in the settings of the fiscal equipment. Thus, the document will be printed when the fiscal document is created (or in a closing client’s bill mode); 4. Depending on the owners’ requirements, both documents (fiscal and survey) can be divided (activate the blade of the printer) or merged (without cutting the paper they form a single piece). The waiters' work does not change in any way. When closing a bill, a single fiscal document is printed together with a survey.The waiters provide the customers with both documents, they fill in the survey and give it back to the waiter together with the amount of the bill.

Necessary equipment There is no special requirements for the additional printer that will print the survey document. However, several helpful guidelines for selecting devices can be identified: • Wider printers print more good-looking documents, meaning a 80 mm wide printer is preferable to a 57 mm one. • Most of the fiscal devices cannot change their print fonts and the survey looks simpler. Special lines with emphasis and others are getting lost. Therefore, it is recommended to print a survey on a kitchen printer or a separate POS printer; • Surveys can be printed using a Windows driver and a Standard Printer setting in the program. However, it is recommended to use a POS printer mode that has a richer set of fonts, boldings and other graphical elements. Thus. The documents are more good-looking and the process of printing is faster; • Depending on the requirements, an intermediate blade can be activated and the document divided into several sections. The way of selecting the most appropriate printer and printing technology depends on the service specialists who deploy the system. They can point the best technology and way of work.

Resources and Templates Creating a survey is an individual task for each restaurant. However, Microinvest’s specialists have created a set of predefined surveys, designed for different types of printers and covering a standard “food and beverages” establishment. Templates for a POS printer and a standard printer that runs through a driver can be downloaded here. Template names are:

• POS survey • Standard survey The downloaded files should be unzipped and placed in the Templates folder at the Device Test Tool located in the products’ folder.

Additional options The same technology can be applied when using Microinvest Warehouse Pro and printing a document through Microinvest Device Manager. The scripts management is 100% similar and there is practically no difference in handling the product. An individual document number can be placed to control whether waiters collect and classify all customer surveys. A one-off discount card, which can be printed at each payment, is built on a completely analogue technology.

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