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It is common for customers to declare a return of goods and ask for its replacement by another. Also, purchase errors can happen, where one product is introduced in the documents, but another one goes in the warehouse. Through Microinvest Warehouse Pro this process is monitored and well documented.


Types of Substitution

There are two main types of substitution goods.

  • Customers can return the product and replace it for another.
  • Upon delivery of the good a product to be replaced by another is brought

The two types of replacement differ in terms of who owns the product and whether it is in the warehouse or in the customer.

Substitution of a Product By a Customer

Replacement of goods, bought by a customer is done in two stages:

  • The customer returns product, in which case the system operation is introduced claim.

Customer takes another product, in which case the system operation is introduced sale. In fact, the specified sequence corresponds exactly to the actual actions of all participants in the trading process. After entering the two operations compensation payments are carried out. Data on transactions is available in the records of sales and claims. This operation can be performed in the front or back office.

Substitution a Product upon Delivery (Purchase)

When a purchase is done, but in the future we see that this purchase is not correct it is possible to adjust the inventory. This can be done by module Revision and perform the following sequence of actions:

  1. Open Edit menu/Administration/Stock-taking;
  2. Choose the mistaken good on a separate line;
  3. Introduce the correct product on the following line
  4. The quantities of both goods should reflect the actual change in the warehouse.

In this operation, it is normal that the quantity of one good decreases and the quantity of another increases. After saving the operation that status is transferred to the warehouse and thus made change to the actual quantity of goods.

Specific Features

When introducing these operations, it is important to track the prices, with which the respective actions are performed. This should reflect actual changes in prices of the goods, so that the cost price in the warehouse is correct. With operation Refund, the returned goods automatically increase the stock availability at the warehouse. With operation Stock-taking, the total inventory can increase or decrease. It is also an option to have the stock of one product decrease at the expense of another product’s increase. This operation actually replaces one other good with the prices given in the operation.

Other Capabilities

Microinvest products allow for an alternative work technology. If you are not interested in the history of documents, instead of introducing a new refund and sale, it is possible to make a single edit of the first operation for selling this product to this customer. Also instead of stock-taking of the purchased goods, it is possible to edit the document and correct the error in the first purchase. If using alternative work methods, there is no history of the changes, because there is a change in the initially introduced documents.

Data Protection

Changing the quantities is a dangerous operation. It is good to plan access rights and the correct settings. Usually, not all operators have access to these functions, which is determined by the company management.

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