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Standard production is a vanguard production module, which performs repeatable production processes, described in a recipe. Through this type of production, products which have a constant and pre-defined ratio of raw materials can be produced. During the process, several different raw materials are processed, yet the end product is a single one.


Comparison with Complex Production

Analogously to Complex Production, Standard Production uses a clear algorithm, which can be described with the following bullets:

  • The quantity needed from the raw materials is calculated by multiplying the single recipe with the defined quantity for production.
  • The value (cost price) is formed linearly, as the purchase price and the quantities of all goods, involved in the recipe, are summed up;
  • The sum is divided by the produced quantity and the result is the value of the product;
  • The quantity of raw materials decreases, whereas the quantity of the product increases.

With Standard Production, the end-result is always a single product.

Comparison with Direct Production

The standard production differs from Direct Production in 2 main characteristics:

  • Standard Production is done by a pre-inputted recipe;
  • Standard production can include a limitless number of raw materials at the entry and only one final product as a result.

With Standard Production, there is accumulation of the cost price of the raw materials associated with the resultant end-product.

Documents and Reports

After performing the standard production, the respective documents and reports are available through the Edit and Reports menu, submenu Production. There also exist a vast variety of specialized reports for stock planning and product value and cost price.


The best example for the applicability of the Standard Production functionality is restaurants. There, a recipe for work is set and it is strictly followed. There are rare changes in the recipes and there is repetition in the processes.

Specific Features

The Standard Production produces one unit of the product, which is determined as a unit of measure for the given product. All recipes are set according to this unit of measure and this quantity needed. If, for example, a quantity of 0.5 of a certain product is produced, then the recipe itself will be executed in a ratio of 0.5 to the pre-defined quantity.

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