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Each product from the set of Microinvest Warehouse Pro has a separate specialization. Following is a short description of the products and their specialization.


Microinvest Warehouse Pro

This is the main product, or the so-called Back Office. This product allows entering the nomenclatures, managing the database, users, and all main settings. The product is a central one for creation of the company organization and generating the reports. Practically, every company installs and uses Microinvest Warehouse Pro as a central working place.

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light

This is a highly specialized module for automation of the working place of the operator, the cashier, and the waiter. It represents an effective Front Office and includes technologies for managing fiscal devices, clients’ displays, as well as card readers. The product works in a constant connection with the central database, which allows all operations to be reflected in real time. One and the same product provides two different interfaces – Store and Restaurant.

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Web

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Web is a specialized program product that ensures work with Internet by using a browser from a distant working place. The program allows the installation of a central Web server, which means that different inquiries and various operations can be executed from anywhere in the world.

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Mobile

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Mobile represents a version of the program that works with PocketPC. It allows the main operations to be performed (Deliveries, Sales, Revision, Debit, Credit, Notifications, Payments) using a mobile computer. There are numerous possibilities for working in real time with GSM/GPRS or autonomous work and exchange of the data. The product is especially efficient if used for inventory by mobile terminal.

Microinvest Electronic Store

Microinvest Electronic Store is a specialized program product that allows the establishment of an electronic store and its publishing in the Internet. A technology has been created that ensures the visualization of the items by groups, orders, and management of the availability and the prices. The program works also on Windows IIS.

Microinvest Barcode Printer Pro

Microinvest Barcode Printer Pro is a program for creating labels and their printing. The product allows this to be done using a random printer, labeling, laser, or ink jet. The very same product also automates the creation of price lists.

Microinvest Nutrition Calculator

This represents an automatic table for calculation of the energetic value of the recipes and the plates. Using Microinvest Nutrition Calculator, technological and calculation cards as well as distribution of the cost prices of the products are being created.

Microinvest Camera Transmitter

This is an integrated module for connecting the trade systems of Microinvest as well as for video surveillance. Using Microinvest Camera Transmitter, the working place of the cashier can transmit data to the cameras and place subtitles for each operation executed.

Microinvest Archi Pro

This is a system for periodical backup of the MDB file data or SQL server data. Microinvest Archi Pro guarantees the performance of the system against hardware or other type of failure. The product works autonomously and integrates with each Microinvest system.

Microinvest ККМ Manager

It is an auxiliary product for programming and managing the fiscal printers from Inkotex and Multisoft. Using Microinvest KKM Manager the programming of a logo, operators’ passwords, tax groups and other parameters of the printers is possible.

Microinvest Serial Driver

This is a program for managing peripheral devices, connected to COM port or USB. Microinvest Serial Driver is a universal driver for various devices that can be integrated into Microinvest Warehouse Pro. The list with supported devices is magnet card readers, barcode scanners, RFID readers, etc.

Microinvest Cyber Cafe

It is a Web technology for working in a restaurant, with which the clients can order using their mobile devices, PDA or phones with WiFi, and the waiters accept the orders and complete them. The program works as an extension of the possibilities of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light.

Microinvest Caller ID

This is an automated module for recognition of the clients on the phone and generating an operation Order or Sale. When receiving a call, the name of the client is associated with their phone number and the search of the client is being eliminated from the database. The program works as an extension of the possibilities of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light.

Microinvest Data Collector

It is a system for integrating mobile terminals in Microinvest products. With this product, the data collected in the mobile terminal are transformed directly in the database and the processes for sale and warehouse inventory are automated.

Microinvest Utility Center

It is a center for data exchange between Microinvest Warehouse Pro and other applications. Microinvest Utility Center allows the two-way exchange of data and in this way ensures the integration between the various systems. Such systems from this class permit the connection of cash registers to the central database.

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