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Microinvest Device Manager is a helpful free product, that has several very important functions:


Installing the DLL for management of cash registers

When installing the Microinvest Device Manager common DLL is added, which allows all products to work with fiscal printers, cash registers and other peripherals. This DLL is registered in the system and is available for all programs of Microinvest. The whole procedure can be considered as an addition to the universal driver, which manages more than 300 different devices. The applications work through this driver when they print documents with fiscal or kitchen printers.

Interface for setup of parameters for connection

Microinvest Device Manager offers a separate interface for a connection with different devices. It is very specific for this program that it makes a setup for the whole system of products of Microinvest. With other words, if one device is set in Microinvest Device Manager, the software Microinvest Warehouse Pro will work with this device without any other additional settings, because all the options that are used are set by Microinvest Device Manager.

Running a number of fiscal functions

When working with fiscal devices there are many fiscal functions. They are done exactly by Microinvest Device Manager. Examples for such functions are:

  • X Report (Daily accounts without resetting);
  • Z Report (Daily accounts with resetting);
  • Deposit or Withdrawal of amounts from a fiscal device;
  • A setup of templates for printing the notes;

All these functions are mandatory for the users, but they do not have buttons or menus in the main products (for example, Microinvest Warehouse Pro). Because of that the functions are done via Microinvest Device Manager. In this case, Microinvest Device Manager and Microinvest Warehouse Pro work together.

Testing new and existing devices

One of the most unusual and interesting functions of Microinvest Device Manger is the opportunity for testing different devices (new or modifications of the existing ones). All the main fiscal and non-fiscal operations are executed by the interface of the program. In this mode, Microinvest Device Manager is a device for testing and setup of the device. It is desirable these processes to be done by a classified specialist, because they can bring it to an accumulation of amounts in the fiscal memory or other financial operations with direct tax liability.


The whole product Microinvest Device Manager is contained in Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light and in this case it is not necessary to be installed. The main Installation program of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light adds and sets all the components of Microinvest Device Manager.

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