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Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light can control external devices that are connected via a COM port (RS-232), USB or LAN interface. Each of these interfaces has features that are specific to the connection and can be adjusted separately.


Device Settings

Common device settings affect its individual characteristics and have nothing to do with the technology of communication. They are similar in COM, USB or LAN connection and are determined by the device manufacturers. General settings of the device are:

  1. Number of operator. Setting determined by the number of operators who will carry out operators;
  2. Password required to connect to the device. Individual password to the operator or device for data exchange
  3. Encoding device. Determine table available in print Cyrillic
  4. Serial number of the device. Contains digits from the number of the device, used for transmitting information.
  5. Logical number. Individual number that determines which device to obtain information , if there are several connected devices.
  6. Header Letters. In some models there is a restriction in the use of uppercase and lowercase letters, and this setting determines whether to transmit only capital letters and lowercase or uppercase letters;
  7. Other individual settings.

COM Port

When connecting via a COM port set the following parameters:

USB Connection

With USB connection of the device, there are two options for communication:

  • A USB device emulates a COM port. After starting the device, computer requires installation of a driver. This driver adds new COM port to ports list. Then, setting the USB devise is implemented using the technology for setting the COM, indicating the number of incoming COM port. The communication speed is determined by the device itself, but it is important to choose the same speed in the program settings.
  • The USB device works trough its own communication channel. In this case, there is no further adjustment, it is enough the device to be turned on and to be selected in the list. Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light detects a USB device and run it directly

LAN Interface

The LAN interface is the easiest to set up. The only communication parameters for connection are:

  • IP Address of the device. Enter the IP address, do not add extra zeros to be groups of 3 digits;
  • Port for communication with the device. Introduce port of the device. It is important the selected port to be available in Firewall and not to have prohibitions on data sharing.

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