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Microinvest products allow a fast search in the documents list. The operator has the opportunity for a quick search based on the number of the document, number of the partner, object, and other parameters of the document. The search is already built and does not require any additional operations.


Work Technology

A quick search in the documents takes place in the exact window with a choice of a document. After the window is opened on the screen, the operator types the number of the document and the name of the partner. The typing is done via the keyboard and there is no special place for exactly this thing. The added symbols so far could be seen in the bottom left part of the screen. When a new symbol is added, the procedure for searching is activated and the cursor is put on the first matching row in the table.

Additional Characteristics

The quick search is valid in all the operations, and based on the table there could be some differences in the searched parameters. When there is a column Partners in the table, the program is doing the search based on this column. If a certain column is missing, there is no search based on it. If the added information could not be found, the cursor is positioned in the first row of the list. Deletion of the last element from the search could be done by the Backspace button.

Type of Database

Microinvest Warehouse Pro determines the type of the data by the following technology:

  • Searching by a document number if all the symbols are numbers;
  • Searching by Partner’s name or object if at least one of the symbols is a letter;

Examples for Type of Data

When the data is entered, the program would make the following searches:

  • ”01234” is entered: The search is done by the number of the document in the table;
  • ”Ivan” is entered: The search is done by the name of the partner in the table;
  • “01234Ivan” is entered: The search is done by the number of the document in the table until the moment when the first letter appears. Then the automatic search starts by a Partner’s name;
  • “Ivan01234” is entered: The search is done only by Partner’s name, no matter that some numbers exist.

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