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When installing products form the company CD, there is an option for full installation of the products, in which a sample database is installed.


Installation Steps

The products of Microinvest can be installed separately or through an Automatic Installer. A sample database is created only when the Automatic Installer is used, and the folders where the programs are going to be installed do not change. Microinvest recommends all users to use the Automatic Installer in order for the system to be installed and configured in the most optimal way. Changing the parameters is allowed, but it automatically excludes the installing the sample databases, since the program protects data from accidental deletion.

Sample Database Requirements

When installing sample databases, it should be checked whether there is not any created or open database on the computer. The settings of the products in the system are also checked. If such exist, the sample database is not copied in order not to damage the already entered information. Thus, the sample database can be installed only when the installation of the products is “fresh” and it has not been worked with them.

If There Is an Already Installed System

In cases, when the system has already been worked with, but the user still wants to place a sample database, the following needs to be done:

The configuration folders of the products are described in Product Folders.

Downloading a Sample Database

For advanced users, Microinvest offers a sample database, which can be separately installed to the product. In order to do so, the following sequence must be performed:

  • Downloading of the demonstration package from the following address:
  • The downloaded file is open with the help of WinRAR;
  • The concrete database is selected in the respective language and is copied in a folder;
  • The file is renamed with MDB extension and is opens with the programs.

Procedure for Independent Installation

In order to install the products on a new computer independently (without a CD, but with a sample database), the following sequence must be followed:

  1. Download Microinvest Warehouse Pro from the following address: The product is installed, but not started!
  2. Download Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light from the following address: The product is installed, but not started!
  3. Download the sample database from the following address: and start the installation. With this step, all systems are configured to work in an optimal regime.

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