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When working with Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light in a sales regime, it is possible to use several discount mechanisms. Each mechanism has a different impact and different time for implementing. According to the needs of the clients, different kinds of discounts can be enabled or disabled.


Types of Discount

When working with Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light, the following 3 types of discount can be defined:

  • Percentage discount, related to the type of partner;
  • Change of the price according to the Price Groups of the partner and location;
  • Activation of Price Rules, which change quantities, prices, discounts and payment types.

The discounts can be separate or can be combined between each other. This depends on the program settings and is set for each concrete workstation.

Working with Discounts

In the system settings, a technology for enabling or disabling the work with discounts is incorporated. Different work regimes of the programs according to the needs of the companies can be made. Price rules can be additionally added. After changing the settings, changes in the number and type of active columns in the product table can take place. Microinvest. Only after restarting the program will the new columns and other changes appear.

Discount on a Row or a Document

The program allows the entering of a custom discount on a separate row of the current document. In this case, the discount is applied to a single product. As a separate variant, the spectrum of different discounts for different products, entered in the document, can be followed.

Price Groups and Change in the Price

An alternative mechanism is the defining of price groups. In this case, every location can have custom prices of the products. Furthermore, each partner can work with its own custom prices. The change of prices is automatic and is done when selecting the partner.
As a separate mechanism for changing the price is the ability to “unlock” the field for entering of price. In this case, the cashiers can change the % discount, as well as to directly enter the price at which they sell the product. This setting should be used with caution, since it can be subject to manipulation of prices done by the operators, which is highly undesirable.


In order to have a stable and reliable system, it is recommended that there is a limit of the discounts to their operational minimum. Practice shows that the preventive limiting of the discounts is more effective compared to the allowing of a number of various kinds of discounts and their related control and analysis. A good practice is the entering of a maximum discount percentage for each individual user in the system.


The current article mainly refers to Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light. The work sequence in other products is the same, but not always there is a respective analogue to the performed operation.


The existence of such different work methods gives the advantage to create custom work rules and a unique management policy. Via the listed mechanism, all situations regarding discounts, price changes, entering of percentages and custom price lists are covered. A good know-how of the discount mechanism is a must for all partners and end-customers of Microinvest.

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