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In order for the implementation of the system for automation to be successful, the roles of all owners, employees, operators and others have to be defined. For this purpose, Microinvest recommends the following structure:

  1. Analysis of each user role.
  2. The implementation of passwords and restrictions related to the work with products.
  3. The settlement of users’ right of access.


Analysis of Roles

When a system for automation of a process is created, it is important to define the roles of every participant. Only in this way trouble-free work in the organization and clear distinction of the functions of the different operators could be ensured. The advice that could be written is:

  1. Defining of the hierarchy of the operators.
  2. Determining the access to databases, for example, who implement the data, who could edit it, who has access to verifications etc.
  3. Defining the procedures of everyday tasks, for example, the implementation of a document, generation of export and others.
  4. Setting the roles and implementation of the rights of access to the operators.

Implementation of Passwords

When passwords are implemented the following principles need to be outlined:

  1. Strong and individual passwords which are unique for every user must be set up. It is wrong to use passwords, such as 1, 20, 123 and other combinations of numbers. Such combinations are easy to be guessed and, in practice, eliminate the protection of passwords.
  2. Define the level of the users correctly – owners, administrators, managers and operators. Higher level could change the password of the lower level, but the opposite operation is not possible.
  3. When working with Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light in Restaurant Mode, it is important that the passwords to be with many numbers. In all other situations, such rule is not required. The passwords could be letters, numbers or a combination of both.

Determining Access Rights

After the setting of the levels and the individual passwords to the users, it is important to determine the rights of access. Concerning the products of Microinvest the rights of access are set independently for every user. This is accomplished through:

  1. Menu Edit/Administration/Permissions in Microinvest Warehouse Pro.
  2. Button “Settings”, after that “Custom settings” and then Permissions in Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light.


There are many good practices when determining the rights of access to the operators:

  • When the rights of access are set correctly, the systems work without problems and eliminate the possibility for operators’ mistakes.
  • Only the users with the level of access “Owner” could change the rights of access of the other operators.
  • A well-known problem is when the owners forget the passwords of their profile. In this situation, the rights of access cannot be changed.
  • There are situations when the owner forbids himself or herself the rights of access. After that, there is no technology for changing the rights of access and the systems could not be changed.

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