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When the work requires the separation of cashiers and waiters in shifts, it is usually needed to generate reports with start date and time and final date and time. In Microinvest software products there is a group of such reports, which are specifically designed for tracking work hours and shifts.


Control panel

In Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light there is an optimization of the reports in real time. Practically all reports can be filtered by date and time which allows the accurate tracking of the shifts. The choice of start and end time should correspond to the chosen shift, which allows precise monitoring of the operations of the waiters and cashiers.

Owner's reports

The main part of the reports by date and time in Microinvest Warehouse Pro(the back office) are in menu Reports/Reports Manager (Owner). From there you can get operations with exact start and end. An additional group of such reports is available in section “Restaurant” in the report for clients orders.

Visualization Format

The display of date and time corresponds to the current date and time format in Windows. A change might be made in the operating system and as a result, the program observes the settings specified by the user in the OS.

Specifics of editing documents

It’s very important to be considered that the date and the time of the document are stored at the moment when the operation is saved. In that case if a document is edited, it receives the relevant date and time of its editing. This is done in order to be traced when the document is changed, but can lead to confusion if the administrator track the succession of the documents.

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