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Remote service is a powerful technology for assisting the process of installation, implementation and maintenance of the products of Microinvest. Using a contemporary mechanism for virtual connection, the remote service provides access to a distant computer using Internet with no installation of additional software needed. There is an available application on Microinvest site which, when launched, provides the connection with the remote computer. In the headquarters of the company, there is a specialized server that allows the customers to be connected with professionals and to work together on the tasks given.



The remote service technology ensures comfortable work with many advantages, the most important of which are:

  • Response time – within the framework of several minutes;
  • Cheaper communication – no phones use, just Internet connection;
  • Possibility for distant training and drawing on the client’s screen;
  • The connection is realized without requirements for a real IP address;
  • Capability of performing almost all operations without the need to visit the client’s office.

Technology Used

The technology with which Microinvest remote service works is a strongly modified VNC, wrapped in a specialized product for connection with preliminary set server for technical maintenance. The technology used allows the simultaneous working of the local and remote computer, file transfer, as well as chat session. The remote service is being offered in 2 versions – Channel A and Channel B. The difference is only in the internal technology and in practice both products offer the same capabilities.

Specific Features

In order the remote service to work it is required that the following ports be opened and accessible:

  • For Channel A: Port 80 (standard port for http:// protocol) and port 443 (standard port for https:// protocol). Practically in all these computers this is the standard port for reading Web pages;
  • For Channel B: Port 80 (standard port for http:// protocol). Practically in all these computers this is the standard port for reading Web pages.

Download and Activation

The remote service is software free for the client. It can be downloaded from the Microinvest site and to be saved in a particular folder. The product can be directly launched from the site without any need the file to be saved on the local computer. In order the clients to be eased, icons for access to the remote service are being created, which are available in the group with Microinvest Warehouse Pro icons.

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