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Installation is one of the most important processes when you are setting up your system. In this regard, there are a lot of good work practices, which can guarantee a successful installation and can reduce your problems to the very minimum.


Actualization of the operating system

It is very important that your OS be actualized to the very last update. Oftentimes, there exist many changes and upgrades, which can make the products much more reliable. When you have everything from your OS provider assured (Microsoft for Windows) your work environment will be guaranteed. A major problem is illegal software, which can stop the actualization of the OS, and then you will not be able to obtain the most recent updates. It is highly recommended that you do not postpone the actualization process, since with the new versions you can solve many problems, which the older ones are not capable of solving.

Rights and Costumers

Each software product requires certain kinds of rules, in order to utilize all the resources of the OS and work properly. Therefore, the installation and use of software has some rules, which you have to follow strictly:

  • Installation – you must perform it with maximum access rights (Administrator level)
  • Usage – it is good to log in with a regular username, and log in as administrator only under some inevitable circumstances.

Antivirus Software

The antivirus software has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to mark some of the functions of the antivirus software for blocking access of certain files. We can recommend the following advice:

  • Installation – it is good to temporarily turn off the antivirus program during the installation of the products. That way the antivirus program cannot “prevent” the installer from performing its task. When the installation is finished, you can turn on your antivirus program again.
  • Usage – the products of Microinvest cannot operate simultaneously with other executable files. For this reason, the threat of you getting viruses is significantly diminished. Whenever possible, turn off the automatic scanning option of your Antivirus program which would scan Microinvest. This will speed up the product work and will minimize the processing time of operations. It is not necessary for every Delivery, Sale or other option to be checked. The standard procedure of turning off the check can be done when you choose the folder of the Microinvest products and specify that the folder pertains to “Checking Exceptions”.
  • Others – if you download the products directly from the Microinvest website (, there is absolutely no chance of getting viruses. Microinvest pays special attention to checking products, to make sure that they are safe and with guaranteed quality.

Versions of the products

Please use the latest versions of the products. Everything else is a compromise. In addition to the most updated functionalities, there are many improvements of the operation speed and compatibility with other products. There are new functions added in a particular program, with changes in its adaptation to the OS and compatibility capabilities invisible to users. This process is two-way – when the OS acquires an actualization, such a modification is immediately incorporated in our products. Thus, the development of the new technologies and its inclusion in the recent versions of the products has been guaranteed.

Other Factors

There are other factors which contribute to the proper installation of the products. We can outline the following:

  1. Restart the system before installation or actualization of the products. That way, you can clean the memory of any unnecessary processes.
  2. Stop all the other programs during the installation. They can prevent the smoothness of the process or keep open any important files that you do not want to lose.
  3. Check if there are enough resources for the installation. Sometimes there is no free space which can end the installation.
  4. Make sure there is a partner or colleague, who can provide help and maintenance. This is very important if you need the actualization code of the products.
  5. Be confident, Microinvest guarantees you that the products have excellent compatibility and you will not encounter any problems with the installation.

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