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Microinvest follows the requirements of the operation system for proper allocation of the files in folders according to users.

Allocation according to Folders

The folders of the programs are divided from the folders of the database and the settings. No saving or other change is done with the folders of the program. All files with settings are recorded with the documents in the system. The principle of allocation is the following:

  • The executable files of the products are installed in C:\Program Files\Microinvest;

According to the version of the operation system, the directory, in which the files with the settings, archives and databases are located, is different:

  • In Windows 7, this folder is C:\ProgramData\Microinvest\
  • In Windows Vista, this folder is C:\ProgramData\Microinvest\
  • In Windows XP, this folder is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microinvest\

Each product has its own separate folder in a given directory. In the folder of a particular product, there are subfolders containing operational data, related to the product itself – for example, files with setting for data export, weight scales etc.

User Access Rights

In order for the system to work properly, access rights for reading and saving in the setting folders and the database are required. For the main folder of the products, it is enough to have read-only rights, without the ability to save.

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