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The registration of software products is an essential process and difficulties often appear in the implementation of the procedures. We will present the possible difficulties and reasons for them in a short material.



Microinvest products are registered by a 25-digit code. This code has 5 groups of 5 numerals. Although the codes are similar, they are internally divided into the following types:

  • Code for electronic registration – It allows the usage of a product with electronic license;
  • Code for hardware license – This code activates the appropriate hardware key, as the presence of this key in the computer is required;
  • Code for transferring the license - This code lets you transfer the license from one computer to another;
  • Code for updating - This code allows the execution of updating the products. This is a paid service in Bulgaria.

The code does not work. What do we have to do?

The program asks for an individual action for the selected code each time on licensing, updating and transferring the license. If everything is done correct, the software performs the action and the procedure can be considered as completed. There are also situations where the system does not accept the code entered by the operator. These situations will be discussed in detail in the following paragraphs.

Non-compliance between the product's serial and production number

A situation like this occurs when the numbers of a key and adjacent serial numbers for registration of the products are wrong. The easiest solution for this problem is opening the site , typing the key number and verifying the adjacent number. If this sequence is not possible, you need to contact an agent to obtain a current copy of the numbers to the individual switch. It is not possible for one key to work with the number of another, since together they form a unique pair (a key with a unique registration number).

There is more than one key on the computer

Simultaneous placement of two or more keys is not allowed. The result of this action is mutual blocking of keys and also inability to register the product. It is important to know that one key can contain several different licenses for individual products and their using for several work places. Each product works independently and uses the license of the hardware key separately. The replacement of one key with another is also undesirable. This requires additional change of the registration numbers, because the old ones are unique and do not match the numbers of the new key.

Registration numbers are individual for each product

Registration numbers, which are in accordance with the quantity of purchased products, are delivered with USB keys and are valid for any computer. They allow working on multiple computers, but not simultaneously. When you format a disk, replace the operating system, change the configuration or make other actions, the key numbers are preserved. Since the registration numbers are individual for each product, one hardware key can go with several numbers, each for a different product. It is not possible for one product to accept a code intended to another product.

USB port does not work

One of the main verifications is to check if the USB ports of the computer work. If there is doubt about the functionality of the USB port, the key must be moved immediately to a working USB port. Keys should emit light continuously, not to be blinking or performing other peculiar things. The keys which are provided by Microinvest work without any additional driver. Once they are placed into the USB port, they are quickly discovered and come as part of the operating system. No further action by an operator is required. In order to get confidence, customers can check the list of devices in Windows, as no device should stand in random mode (yellow exclamation mark). The key can experimentally be removed for a little while, which will lead to its disappearance from the list of devices.

Incorrectly filled data

It is extremely important that the data be filled correctly. If the type of database is not specified, the system might generate an invalid code, or a valid one which does not conform to a requirement. That is why the proper filling of the serial and registration code is important. Filling of the additional fields is also important in a mode of product registration.

Errors of updating and registration

Codes for registration (licensing of the product) differ from the codes for updating the program. Because of that, the system will not accept the original registration code if you are currently running an update. The converse is also true, thus the typing of the code must be accurate and appropriate to the performed procedure. A frequent mistake is trying to type a licensing code instead of a code for updating. In this case, the user enters a code, which the system immediately denies. Then, contacting the Regional technical support center that will provide an appropriate code for product’s updating, is necessary. The codes for products’ updating change dynamically. So once opened on the screen, the whole procedure has to be entirely completed without closing the window. Otherwise, the set of registration and serial number might shift, leading to an unsuccessful update.

Mistakenly entered figure

It is desirable to check the numbers again after entering the code and before pressing the submit button. Otherwise, it is likely to enter an incorrect digit, which will lead to an invalid control result and rejection of the entire code. In combination with the above condition, it is likely that the code might change and all digits to be shuffled.


If you have checked each of the above situations and still have no result, it is necessary to contact a technical support or an office of Microinvest to perform service procedures and analyze the situation.


The process of registration and updating software products requires attention and precise actions. If the product 'feels' repeated invalid attempts to registration or updating, it goes in the "mode of doubt." In this mode, the functions of registration and entering codes block and become inaccessible until the intervention of a service specialist.

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