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Working with a network printer is not different from working with a local printer. Microinvest Warehouse Pro and Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light have a specifically defined function to handle network printers. The setup of such printers is easy and is done through integrated modules.

Printer in Microinvest Warehouse Pro

The setting up of a network printer in MMicroinvest Warehouse Pro takes place in two stages:

  • Installing a network printer driver on the local system. This operation is performed with means of the operating system. Once the printer is installed, it becomes available for all products of this workplace
  • Through “Print Manager” from menu Edit/ Administration/ Print Manager setups are performed for every operation. The document is sent to the desired printer (local or network). After this setup the program distributes information to the selected printer in accordance with your requirements.

Printer in Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light

Setting up a network printer in Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light also takes place in two stages, which are at the level of the product itself, without involving the operating system:

  • Perform a setup of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light, which works on the computer where the printer is turned on. Then, in the settings of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light include the option "Print Server”. This workstation will print documents and checks for clients.
  • Verify and record the IP address on the workplace (which we have defined as ‘Print Server”)
  • From the remote workplace, in the setup of business equipment, choose “Print Server”. There is the IP address which has been saved from the previous adjustment. The workstation automatically starts sending data to the entered IP address where the remote is done printing documents.

When operating with Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light, the program runs a cascading print of documents. One workstation sends data to the other, which in turn carries out printing of the selected document.

The printing technology through a remote printer is very flexible and allows the construction of systems with high complexity.

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