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When printing intermediate receipts and Cheques for the client it is possible to put advertising text. Microinvest’s products offer a powerful and vanguard technology for managing ad statements.



The current technology can be used when printing Cheques via standard POS printer. In that case a command is set, which in turn reads the content of a given file and prints a single row. It is impossible for most printers to print additional text at the end of the receipt, so the technology is inaccessible.


In order to activate ad text printing the following steps must be followed:

  • Create a standard “.txt” file in ANSI code, for example: C:\ MyFolder\MyFile.txt;
  • An advertising text is entered as a row in the file. It is very important that the text is not transferred or divided into multiple rows
  • In Footer8 the following script is entered: <Random>C:\MyFolder\MyFile.txt

Formatting the Content

When printing free text the settings given in the printer are used. That way the formatting of the text can be done right before the ad text is sent. For the task it is enough to determine a style, font, etc. in Footer6 or Footer7 and the printer will print the advertising text with the exact same fonts, size and other settings.


An advantage to the current technology is the possibility to receive information by an external file without changing the system settings. The file’s content is read and used dynamically, which allows for changing the texts at any time and even for a centralized advertising statement management.

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