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When using Microinvest Warehouse Pro, situations in which the printer stops printing, occur. The reason for this is a change in the system settings of the printers, without the change being accounted for in the program.

Printer Settings

In Microinvest Warehouse Pro, there is a system for print management, which is called “Print Manager”. This module is located in the Edit/Administration/Print Manager menu. It provides the option to define different types of documents, number of copies and to which of the installed printers to be printed. The “Default” button restores the standardly set system, in which all documents appear from the printer which is set to be default.

In the first column of the “Print Manager” window, all operations for which documents are printed, are listed; in the second column there is the total number of copies of the document, which will be printed on different printers; the next columns are for all available printers in the operation system and the number of copies of the document, which is going to be printed on each one of them.

Specific Features and Rules of Procedure

When a new printer is added to the Windows operation system, the respective change must be done in the program as well. For each added printer in the operation system set as a default printer, it is necessary to open “Print Manager” and to press the “Default” button. This will establish a new allocation of the documents, as the copies will be sent to the default printer.

Another potential problem when printing from a local or a network printer is when an error for generating a document appears, but in reality the connection with the network printer has been lost. This problem is solved through the tools of the operation system and there-installation of the printer itself.

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