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Microinvest offers a powerful system for the management and printing of documents. Through the flexible “Print Manager” module, each operation can print a separate document and send it to a different printer. The capabilities are vast and enable an excellent custom setup for each organization.


Main Principle

When saving an operation, Microinvest Warehouse Pro activates the “Print Manager” module. In this module, the appropriate documents, which are activated according to the settings, are attached. Each document can be printed in a different number of copies and to be sent to different printers. The print manager allows the adding of several different documents to each operation.

Applicability in Business

In real-world business, the Print Manager provides the following capabilities:

  1. When finishing the operation, one or several documents are generated;
  2. Each document can be sent to a different printer;
  3. The different documents can be printed in a different number of copies;
  4. The documents can be modified according to the wish of the separate client. In this case, the custom documents are attached;
  5. Each operation can have its own set of different documents, for example during a sale a bill of goods, a batch sheet or a warranty card can be issued;
  6. An Excel document is activated at the end of the operation;
  7. An external application for printing and processing of data is activated at the end of the operation.

Document Visual Styles

An interesting feature is the option to change the visual styles of documents. Documents in different colours (blue, red, lime, yellow, optimized for matrix printers, etc.) are incorporated. Through the Print Manager, a different visual style of each operation can be defined and thus each issued document can be made customized.

Potential Problems

A frequently occurring event is when Microinvest Warehouse Pro stops printing documents. The reason for this is simple – there is a defined printer in the Print Manager, which does not exist in the system. The reason for such an event is the reinstallation of a certain printer in the operation system or a change in its name. The solution of the problem:

  • Open the Edit/Administration/Print Manager menu;
  • Press the “Default” button. This button redirects all documents to the current default printer in the system. Thus, the problem is solved.

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