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Microinvest offers several different work methods for creating price lists of products. The different technologies offer a different work principle and processing of data, from a completely automatic regime to full control over the data and manual editing, Price lists enable menus for restaurants, offers, labels, product descriptions and other such documents to be created. This encompasses all products, which are stored and processed through the Microinvest program.



The price list is a main document in contemporary business. Therefore, it is important that it is made in such a way that it is convenient to process and satisfies customer requirements. Several different technological methods for creating price lists are incorporated in the products of Microinvest. Each of these methods solved a concrete task and, if necessary, various combinations between the different capabilities can be done.

Export to Excel

The method for creating price lists through export in Excel works through the following sequence:

  1. A criterion for selecting of products is set up from Reports/ Lists/ Items;
  2. A report in the form of a table is generated;
  3. This table is exported to Excel and is opened there;
  4. In Excel, additional processing according to the type of report and the respective data is done;
  5. The company info data is added to this file and it is prepared for printing. With this, the creation of a price list is completed.

Microinvest Barcode Printer Pro

An alternative convenient way for creating price lists is through the Microinvest program Barcode Printer Pro. This program is usually associated solely with the creation of labels, but it also allows the creation of price lists. The work mechanism is the following:

  1. Barcode Printer Pro is opened and a new label is created;
  2. The size and dimensions of the label are consistent with A4i format or any given size format;
  3. A single row from the price list is graphically formed. Each label corresponds to a row in the price list. In most cases only text information – name, price, other parameters and conditions are placed, and no barcodes are placed;
  4. A sheet with A4 labels is created. Since each label corresponds to one row from the price list, then a price list is formed on this A4 sheet.
  5. The resulting document is printed and stored for further usage.

With the aim of facilitating users, several templates of default price lists have been created in Microinvest Barcode Printer Pro. These templates can be loaded when opening a document in the initial screens of the product and the above-described steps from 1 to 5 are performed.

Customer Reports

Microinvest offers a powerful mechanism for the generation of customer reports and Excel documents. There exists an option for the price list to be created according to a custom template, i.e. in a way that satisfies a particular customer. The templates are spread in separate files and are added to the main menu of the program. The advantage of the mechanism is the complete automation and customization, yet this service is paid to the consultants, who build the documents.

Other Capabilities

The mentioned capabilities are the most frequently used by users. There exist other work technologies, export, modification of documents and even direct database access. All these capabilities can be combined, in order for high-quality price lists, which satisfy even the most demanding users of the system, to be generated.

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