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Powerful and flexible mechanisms for the management of product processes have been developed in Microinvest Warehouse Pro. The mechanisms for entering and changing of prices enable the creation of different price groups and individual conditions for the clients. The usage of the full capabilities of price groups creates excellent prerequisites form modeling and handling of major sophisticated partner relationships.


Price Groups

The price group represents a list of prices, which are individual to every product. In Microinvest Warehouse Pro, 10 price groups are incorporated.

  • Retail Price;
  • Wholesale Price;
  • Price Groups 1 to 8.

Except for the Retail price, all price groups have similar characteristics. The Retail price is more special in terms of the selection – if a price group is not set up, the program automatically places a Retail Price in a given operation. The price groups can be viewed as separate columns in a price list. Each group represents a separate column and it can be defined under which column the partners pertain.

Locations in Price Groups

The usage of price groups in a retail location solves the problem when different shops from one chain work with different prices. When creating a new location or editing an existing one, a price group for this location is selected. Thus, the prices in the location start to be determined by a custom price group, as the following sample scheme can be created:

  • Shop 1 is in the city center and works with retail prices;
  • The warehouse is in behind the shop and works with wholesale prices;
  • Shop 2 is in a distant neighbourhood and works according to Price Group 1;
  • Shop 3 is in another distant neighbourhood and works according to Price Group 2.

This way, higher pricing for the city center locations and lower pricing for the distant neighbourhood locations can be determined.

Partners in Price Groups

When defining a partner, it can be determined in which price group the partner will pertain. Thus, individual and custom pricing for each partner can be created according to negotiated terms and conditions. The pillars of working with price groups are:

  • The price group of the partner. If it is Retail Price, proceed to the next step;
  • If the price group of the partner is Retail Price, the price group of the location is then checked. After that, real price of the operation is determined;
  • If no price group of the partner or the location has been set, Retail price is the price to refer to.

This mechanism is based on the following principle:

  • If a special customer goes to a random shop, the prices for special customer are applied;
  • If a non-special customer goes to the same shop, the shop prices are applied;
  • If no prices have been set, Retail prices are applied both for the shop and for the customer.

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