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Oftentimes, situations in which users forget their passwords occur. There is no mechanism for automatic recovery of passwords in the products of Microinvest. Yet, by following several tips, the potential harm caused by forgetting a password can be considerably mitigated.


Passwords and Levels of Access (Permissions)

Passwords have a different extent, to which they can be edited or modified, depending on the user’s level of access (permissions). When an owner or an administrator operates the system, he can change the passwords of the other operators. If an operator works in the system, no other password can be changed.

Lost Password of an Operator

A lost password of an operator is most easily restored. For the purpose, an owner or an administrator should log in the system and open the operator’s personal record in an edit regime. This way, the operator himself can set up and enter a new password and resume his work.

Lost Password of a Manager

The mechanism is the same as with a lost password of an operator. In practice, the same series of actions is performed.

Lost Password of an Administrator

In order to restore the password of an administrator, an owner must log in the system. This owner opens the personal file of the administrator and allows a change in his password.

Lost Password of an Owner

The password of an owner can be changed only by another owner. If there is no other owner in the system, the only way to address the situation is a Microinvest specialist to cancel the password. In order for this to happen, an archive from the database must be sent to the headquarters of Microinvest.

Tips for Proper Handling of Passwords

There are several easy tips for the proper handling of passwords. Microinvest recommends the following rules and practices:

  • The passwords should be long (6 signs at minimum), as digits should be mainly used;
  • It is advisable that the service specialists to set up his password to complex enough;
  • The passwords should be changed periodically, in order for a better of protection to be ensured;
  • There should always be a defined owner in the system, who would have the rights to change passwords.

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