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Microinvest produces and offers program products for automation of all kinds of businesses. Our products are distributed through partner channels, which facilitate their optimized support and integration. Partners can contribute for the development of the whole market niche, from improving program product itself to contributing to the marketing and sales policy of the company. Partners also ensure the smoothness of a full range of various processes, such as technical maintenance and updating, product testing and business optimization consulting.


Technical Help

Oftentimes, during a product implementation, unexpected circumstances might occur. The bottom line of partnership relations is testing and accounting for occurring problems. It is within the powers of the partner to provide a detailed description of the causes and actions and propose a solution to the problem in official communication. Partners have access to the database structure and can check what data had been saved at the time the problem occurred. Thus, the product support is reinforced and the process of interaction between the customer and the manufacturer is facilitated. Addressing the problem directly to Microinvest is undesirable in most cases, except for inevitable ones, since a replication of technical effort is often inefficient and time-costly.

Constant Product Development

Microinvest has an open policy concerning the support, development and documentation of products. Each partner can offer and create recommendations and inquiries which can be sent to the headquarters of Microinvest and included in the standard version of the product, respectively. This enables our partners to engage in an interactive and creative dialog with us, where the end user can benefit from a more diverse amount of functional capabilities of the products. We perceive as a partners’ commitment and duty to provide us with the most up-to-date legislative changes and potential document changes.

Cooperative Technical Documentation Improvement

The documentation accompanying the system develops with the same pace as the product itself. The different points of view, as offered by our clients and partners, enables a fruitful opinion pluralism and diversity of the potential solutions offered. Due to this, partners should actively engage in creating, updating and refreshing of the documentation available. The proliferation of our documentation on behalf of our partners is extremely valuable, as partners have a direct access to customer needs and can best describe the cases and solutions from the customers’ viewpoint.

Sharing of Solutions

It often happens that a certain partner faces the challenge of making a specific product implementation, which had never been done before. In such cases, it is desirable that all details and facets of the process be provided. By means of mutual help and cooperation, a more elegant and optimized solution of a series of different problem emerges. In order to facilitate this process and leave no issue unresolved, Microinvest has created a specialized website: Partners should describe and share their solution in order for customers to benefit from their and our experience as well.

Development of Wiki Documentation

The model of Wiki Documentation enables every partner to add or correct a text, a passage or a topic in the company’s Wiki database. Through a series of comparatively easy steps original ideas, practical solutions and everyday topics can be presented. Through the concerted development of the Wiki technology a synergic effect to the work of all our partners can be attained, as an idea can be described crystal clear on an accessible platform in an accessible language. The development of the Wiki database contributes to the pluralism of the published information. It is a matter of morals and ethics for partners to cater for the regular updating of the information, available in this Wiki database.

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