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The concept of PTC is relatively new in the field of computer equipment and fiscal devices. PTC defines a new approach to working with fiscal printers when the fiscal device itself is part of a larger system-complex.


PTC Structure

PTC is a set of several components linked by general software. Typically, a fiscal printer (FP) with advanced capabilities and flexible software is installed. This fiscal printer contains a set of programs and can manage several additional devices - a keyboard, displays and a drawer.

Difference between FP and PTC

The main difference between FP and PTK is the ability to work autonomously without a computer. For FP, all commands are compulsorily submitted via a computer, and autonomous work is limited to basic reports using the control keys. No part of the other features can be accessed via a keyboard or other input device. When it comes to PTC, there is a built-in central block (located in the printer itself) for peripheral control such as a keyboard and a display. Through a built-in software, all features are accessible without a computer. This allows for autonomous operation of the device, programming and change of operation through direct interaction with the operator.

Supported PTC models

Despite the relatively recent appearance of PTC on the market, Microinvest has full support for a range of such devices. Among the manufacturers of the PTC, the following companies can be mentioned:

  • Multisoft;
  • Shtrih;
  • Iskra, etc.

PTC Drivers are built into Microinvest and provide comfortable work.

Managing a PTC via the Microinvest products

Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light maintains PTC management as a standard FP. The list of existing devices includes their models, and Microinvest takes care of their proper communication with the computer. For operator, customer, service specialist or computer engineer, the management and setup of the PTC is no different than the management of the FP. All functions are created in the software and no additional action is required. In other words, Microinvest's products are tuning and working with FP and PTC in the same way, regardless of their type and model.

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