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In an Edit regime or in a Reprint Documents regime, for example, Microinvest Warehouse Pro allows for the period of the documents to be defined. This filter allows a dynamic limiting of the list of documents, as it enables the operator to work with documents from a strictly defined period. The filter offers the following capabilities for visualizing of operations:

  • All – all performed operations are displayed. This option can slow down the work when there is a huge database;
  • Today – displays only the document, made today;
  • A week ago – displays all operations, made in the past week;
  • A month ago – displays all operations, made during the past month;
  • A year ago – displays all operations, made during the past year.
  • Custom – gives the opportunity to select a custom document period. The specificity here is that the operator can manually set a period from date to date. The choice of the date is done via the standard calendar, as a beginning and ending date is selected. This filter is absolute, the beginning and ending date are specified and do not change when the computer date changes.

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