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Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light is designed to work on POS systems with a touchscreen and includes a built-in on-screen keyboard. It solves data entry tasks through the active screen without the physical presence of a keyboard included in the trading system. The virtual keyboard actually replaces the physical one and performs some of its functions.


Functions and keyboard

There are many operations that are assigned to certain "quick" keys. There are specialized modules for entering textual information. There are other windows where the keyboard is the leading data input mechanism. In order to optimize the work, a dynamic on-screen keyboard is included which allows data input through the TouchScreen. The keyboard is virtual on the screen, it has dynamic stretching and occupies the most convenient place of the user's workspace.

Functional specialization

The on-screen keyboard has several varieties:

  1. Combined Keyboard in the Retail Business mode;
  2. Special numeric keypad in the payment window;
  3. Numeric block in a password wait mode for system login;
  4. Pop-up keypad for certain operations when it is possible to enter text from operators.

Changing the type of keyboard is done without operator involvement and depends on the active window or the selected function of Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light. Behavior is determined by developers who have created the on-screen keyboard and is not subject to a change.

Languages switch

The virtual keyboard changes its active language using the same keyboard sequence as the standard Windows keyboard. Currently, three on-screen keyboard languages are built:

  • English;
  • Russian;
  • English.

The keyboard as an application

The virtual keyboard is a separate and self-contained application that is located in the Microinvest Warehouse Pro Light folder. The application name is VirtualKeyboard.exe and can be used completely autonomously from the other Microinvest products.


Although unusual in the beginning, the on-screen keyboard is quickly mastered by operators and is of real help when it comes to data input.

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