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In establishing an operation in the lower corner of the window has a button “Note”. This button activates the functionality for the introduction of individual note to document phased in the operation. These allow you to add a comment to the operation, which comment is stored and can even be printed on paper.


Permanent Note

Microinvest Warehouse Pro allows the adding of a “Permanent Note”. This option activates a mechanism whereby once established, the note will be placed on any operations without further action. An example of this can be pointed remark as: “Orders after 1:00pm are executed next day”. When “Permanent Note” is on, the program will put this comment on all documents, until that note is turned off.

References for Notes

Most reports have the opportunity to preview the next and input filter to notes. This way it is possible to post individual information in documents, after that you have to make reference to this individual information. The program allows generating reports on notes and this can support activities, where individual comments to documents are needed.

Notes and Documents

Depending on the visual style of the program and style of documents, information from the note is printed on the documents located below the items table. This allows entry and printing of information on each document, customers can receive a description of delivery terms, payment terms and other information of that kind.

Other Features

Microinvest Warehouse Pro creates a ranking of the most common notes, by automatically lists them. This list allows the reuse of a note as the operator remains a choice between the previously entered text messages.

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