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Minimal Quantity and Nominal Quantity are additional parameters, which are entered when creating the nomenclature of goods. These two parameters allow for better management of quantities and tracking of stock availabilities. Their functioning is reflected in different operations and can be displayed on the screens for product selection.


Minimal Quantity

The minimal quantity of the products is entered in order to track the critical quantity, under which a given product should not fall. The respective report can display all goods, which are below minimal quantities. If the set quantity is 0, the program accepts that minimal quantity is not entered and does not check these goods.

Nominal Quantity

The nominal quantity is the recommendable quantity for a given good. The respective report can display all goods, which are under nominal quantity. If the set quantity is 0, the program accepts that no minimal quantity has been entered and does not check these goods.

Visual Presentation

In the product selection window, the products which are below nominal quantity are coloured. They are distinctively marked, as the field quantity starts to be coloured in red colour. Thus, from the whole list of goods, the positions which are below minimal quantity are visible.

Other Capabilities

The minimal and nominal quantity is involved as parameters in the Automatic Purchase Order operation. Through this module, a purchase order for all products below minimal quantity can be made, as their request is dynamic and equalizes the stock to nominal quantity. The reports for minimal and nominal quantity can refer to one or all locations simultaneously, as the comparison can be for a definite location or the whole stock availability in all locations.


If there is a shop, in which a particular good is t supposed to run out of stock, the following sample values are set up:

  • Minimal Quantity – 10 items. This is the critical minimum, under which the program tints the quantity in red;
  • Nominal Quantity – 50 items. This is a recommendable quantity. If at the moment, there are 15 items in stock, the automatic request (purchase order) will refill the quantity to 50 by ordering the insufficient 35 items.

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