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The office packages are an irreplaceable part of the modern computer system. The choice between the Microsoft Office paid variant and the free alternatives is important part of the practical system application. The main advice is to use Microsoft Office, wherever and whenever possible, but when the client demands a free alternative, Open Office is available. Working without office package is also an option.


Work without a MS Office package

A frequently asked question is whether the work without an installed Office package is possible. As a whole, the products do not rely on this type of software and do not require its presence in the system. When such package is available the possibilities of the products are increased, especially in the part related to the reports and users documents. In this way, the products work effectively. When the office package is missing the products cannot show additional graphs and cannot process documents created by users independently.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is the package which uses the possibilities of the Pro line products at their maximum. Using the package dynamic users Excel documents could be created. There is a full integration between export functions of Microinvest Warehouse Pro and Microsoft Office. The combination of the two products allows the development of documents in accordance with the clients’ desire, graphical analysis and other extensions.

Open Office

Open office is the most popular free alternative of the well known office packages. Open office could receive and create files which are in compatible format for import and export in Microinvest Warehouse Pro. The disadvantage here is the impossibility to use dynamic Excel documents. The standard file format for exchange of data with Open Office is XLS file.

Libre Office

Libre Office is a “fork” of the project Open Office. Concerning the possibilities of the product, Libre Office is the same as Open Office. The disadvantage here is again the impossibility to use dynamic Excel documents.

Star Office

Star Office gives the start of Open Office. The structure is the same as well as many of the functions. For this reason, Star Office should be regarded as a variation of the Open Office with its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is again the impossibility to use dynamic Excel documents.

Additional Information

If the products of Microinvest are installed before the particular office package, it is recommended to repeat the installation after this of the office package in order to activate integration functions. In this way, Microinvest will add solutions in the particular office package and will increase the capabilities of the two products.

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