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When working in a restaurant it is required that menus for the clients are created. As a whole, this process changing and reissuing of menus is carried out rarely; yet, it is important for the overall presentation of the place. That is why Microinvest describes and to a large degree automates the process of menu creation.


Sequence of the Process

The offered technology of the menu formation in a restaurant is universal. It describes the methods for data classification and the individual formation of the final product depends on the designers who serve the restaurant. The steps for menu creation are:

  • Formation of groups in the nomenclature of the goods in the restaurant
  • Export of the goods from the nomenclature, divided in groups
  • Arrangement of the goods according to the taste
  • Formation and menu printing

Group Creation

In order for the division of the goods in a particular restaurant to be effective, the separation of the plates is important. Although it is individual, the division should be done according to type of food (salads, appetizers, main dishes, desserts, etc.) and locations (drinks, kitchen, etc.). The division is introduced in the nomenclature of the goods and the settings of the programs.

Plate Export

After the nomenclature is ready, it should be exported to Excel. This can be done by menu References/Nomenclatures/Goods, and for each group a separate export is being created. This way, the nomenclature is systematized into external Excel files.


Each restaurant has its own style. That is why the plate files should be arranged according to the restaurant’s style and should be situated in the final document in the respective order.


The arranged Excel files contain a list with all the drinks and plates that are offered in the restaurant. It is up to the designers to do the final figuration and shaping in accordance with the restaurant’s requirements.


Microinvest provides a fully automated technology of data processing for menu formation. The whole procedure for data export takes just several minutes and is within the capabilities of every system operator.

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